conversation between three friends

A: Why are you in commerce?
B: To keep my options open
C: What do you want to do?
B: I think there is a future in software engineering
A: Then why do you wan’t to do commerce?
B: I might also take up fashion designing (Apparently, there is some unfathomable connection between the two careers)
A: Again, why did you take up commerece?
B: Tuje kuch nahi malum, tu chup bait (You don’t know anything, so shut up) (This is B’s answer to anything that the universe manages to throw at him)

That from a guy who left 12th standard studies to, in his own words “become a hero”

and I live in the most metropolitan city in this country.


2 Responses to “conversation between three friends”

  1. Anil Says:

    Funny and so telling I liked this post a lot. I’m a floundering engineering graduate with tons of experience in so many different fields that I have no direction anymore. so i sympathize. my e-mail is

  2. sreeja Says:

    it is not for our age so, it not good

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